If you love Leffe, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Jupiler beer on-tap then this beer Phillips PerfectDraft beer dispenser is made for your home bar...

With more than 40 different 6 liter PerfectDraft compatible Kegs, this stylish machine by Philips is simply the best beer dispenser on the market.

Lowenbräu 5,2° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg

Lowenbräu is a German brewery with a rich history dating back to 1383. Renowned for its traditional Bavarian-style beers, Lowenbräu is particularly famous for its lagers, including the popular Lowenbräu Original. The brewery's name translates to "lion's brew," reflecting its symbol and commitment to quality. Lowenbräu beers are known for their crisp, malty flavor profile, and the brand has gained international recognition. Over the years, it has become a staple at beer festivals and is widely enjoyed for its authentic German brewing heritage. The brewery's commitment to brewing excellence has solidified its place in the global beer scene.
Jupiler Pils 5,2° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Jupiler is the most famous and most popular beer in Belgium. This delicious lager is brewed with the finest ingredients (malt, maize, water, hop, yeast), using undisputed craftsmanship, ensuring an outstanding beer quality. Jupiler offers refreshment on a wide variety of occasions, thanks to its digestibility and accessible taste.
This bright gold Pils offers fresh, fruity malt and hops and an unrivalled refreshment. And now you can enjoy the perfect draft glass of this refreshing Belgian icon thanks to the PerfectDraft system.
Camden Pale Ale 4° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg

Camden Pale Ale is a popular beer crafted by Camden Town Brewery, known for its distinct hoppy flavor and balanced malt profile. Brewed in London, this pale ale exhibits a golden hue and a refreshing taste, combining the citrusy notes of American hops with a subtle caramel sweetness from the malt. Camden Town Brewery is renowned for its commitment to quality ingredients and traditional brewing methods, creating a beer that captures the essence of the city's vibrant beer culture. The brewery's dedication to innovation and consistency has contributed to Camden Pale Ale's reputation as a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts, offering a quintessentially British yet modern drinking experience.
Goose Island Golden Goose 5,0° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Requires the PerfectDraft Machine.
Goose Island Golden Ale is a well-known beer produced by Goose Island Brewery, a craft brewery based in Chicago, Illinois. This ale is celebrated for its balanced flavor profile, featuring a blend of malt sweetness and a mild hop bitterness. With a golden hue, it offers a refreshing and crisp drinking experience. The brewery, founded in 1988, has gained recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation in brewing. Goose Island Golden Ale is part of their diverse lineup, catering to a wide range of beer enthusiasts. It's appreciated for its smooth texture, subtle fruitiness, and a moderate alcohol content, making it a popular choice among those seeking a versatile and enjoyable beer.
Kwak Rouge 8° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
The Kwak Rouge arrives in a 6 liter barrel at PerfectDraft!

Kwak Rouge from Belgian brewery Bosteels is a refreshing cherry and almond beer. Behind its ruby color and pink head, there are aromas of red fruit, cherry and candy with a hint of wood.

Delicately bitter, once in the mouth, we find fresh and very fruity flavors of cherry, with a certain power that is due to its 8% alcohol.

To be enjoyed at a temperature of 6°C.
Leffe d'été-Zomer 5,2° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
The historic Abbaye de Leffe put a fresh twist on its classic Blonde to create Leffe Zomerbier, a summer beer full of rich fruity cereal tones and a hint of grassy summer meadows. Add to this spicy coriander and bright fruit and you have a classic in the making, but hurry, this strictly limited-edition is going fast.
Not only is this a perfect summer beer, with PerfectDraft so you can enjoy the perfect draft glass, perfectly chilled every time.
Leffe Ruby 5° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Fresh, fruity Leffe Ruby by the world-famous Abbaye de Leffe combines classic Belgian Ale tones with a vibrant crimson body and rich forest fruit notes that permeate the palate with bright berry character. Set in a slender ruby body with lively carbonation, Leffe Ruby is a rich, fruity, elegantly spicy experience sure to seduce fans of Fruit Beer and classic Belgian Beers alike.
And now you can enjoy the perfect glass of chilled Draft Leffe Ruby anytime thanks to PerfectDraft
Vocation Hot Skip & Juice 5,7° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Wake up your taste buds with a nice dose of citrus thanks to this juicy and refreshing blonde beer! After Life & Death, the English brewery Vocation Brewery is back with Hop, Skip & Juice, a Hazy Pale Ale combining a sweet bitterness with fruity aromas.
Camden Marzen 5,7° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Ready to enjoy a beer perfect for fall? Camden Marzen offers a magnificent copper blonde color with golden highlights. Its aroma is filled with sweet notes of forest honey, accompanied by subtle herbaceous and cereal touches.
SCHNEIDER'S BAYRISH HELL 5,0° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Schneider Bayrish Hell 6L keg is available for the Perfectdraft distributor!

This is a filtered lager-style German beer brewed according to traditional recipes, which respect the German purity law, and with Bavarian ingredients. Once in the glass, it reveals a golden yellow color with a white foam, very malty aromas, very refreshing notes and a low alcohol content of 4.9%. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as long as it is very fresh, for a delicately hopped and heavily malted finish, at a temperature of 3 to 6 ° C.
Leffe Printemps 6.6° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Brewed in limited quantities, Leffe Printemps is a blond beer brewed with elderflower.
When the sunny days return, the brewers of Leffe Abbey offer us refreshing spring beers. In this spirit, Leffe de Printemps 2024 is a sweet blond beer, brewed with elderflower. Marked by a frank but balanced bitterness, and delivering a fruity bouquet with spicy scents of clove and vanilla, it is ideally combined with notes of caramel. Produced in the tradition of Leffe Abbey, it wears an elegant blonde color and remains slightly sweet.
Leffe Rituel 9° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg

Leffe Rituel 9° is a Belgian beer produced by AB-InBev, known for its rich and robust character with a high alcohol content of 9%. It belongs to the Leffe brand, which has a long history dating back to the 13th century. The Rituel 9° is a strong, dark ale that exhibits a complex flavor profile, featuring notes of caramel, dark fruits, and a subtle spiciness. This beer is often appreciated for its well-balanced combination of sweetness and bitterness. Leffe Rituel 9° is crafted with a blend of special malts and a unique yeast strain, contributing to its distinctive taste. It has gained popularity among beer enthusiasts seeking a bold and flavorful Belgian experience.
Leffe Blanche 5.7° - PerfectDraft 6L keg

Leffe Blanche is a Belgian wheat beer produced by AB-InBev, known for its distinctive cloudy appearance and citrusy flavor profile. Brewed with a blend of pale malted barley and unmalted wheat, it features the characteristic Belgian yeast strain that imparts fruity and spicy notes. The addition of coriander and orange peel further enhances its refreshing and zesty taste. Leffe Blanche typically has a moderate alcohol content, making it a popular choice for those seeking a light and flavorful beer. It is part of the Leffe brand, which has a rich brewing heritage dating back centuries to the Leffe Abbey in Dinant, Belgium. The beer's unique combination of ingredients and traditional brewing methods contribute to its well-balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.
Beck's Gold 4,9° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Requires the PerfectDraft Machine.

Beck's Gold is a German beer produced by Beck's Brewery, known for its light and refreshing characteristics. With a golden hue and a mild taste, Beck's Gold is a pilsner-style lager that offers a crisp and clean drinking experience. The beer is brewed with high-quality ingredients, including malted barley, hops, water, and yeast, following the German Beer Purity Law. It typically has a moderate alcohol content, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy a lighter beer. Beck's Gold is part of the Beck's brand, which has a long-standing tradition of brewing quality beers in Bremen, Germany. It has gained popularity for its easy-drinking profile and is often enjoyed in various social settings.