Seeing the fact that Sub-Torp mainly offers alcoholic products, you are obliged to be at least 18 years old. Meaning, if your country allows 16 or 17 year old customers to drink alcoholic beverages, we will still not allow you to order at our store. You have to be at least 18 years old.

Most governments have implemented these rules in order to protect the youngsters from the dangers of alcohol. Obviously we fully support, and more importantly, follow these rules. Are you still not convinces? Please read this overview :

If you are underage, consuming alcoholic beverages is extremely hazardous to your developing body.

The younger you start drinking alcoholic beverages, the higher the chance you will face an alcohol addiction when you are older.

Youngsters (minor 18 years old) are more likely to get a alcohol poisoning. 

... and many, many more reasons why not to drink before your 18th birthday. 

If you are not of this legal drinking age (18), we forbid you to access our websites, platforms, networks etc. Since these websites, platforms, social networks etc. are our own property, we have the ability to ban you from this site. This is the reason why you have to confirm whether or not you are of the legal drinking age (18) when entering our shop. By confirming this, you take full responsibilty of visiting our online shop. If you confirm to be older than 18 years old, but actually you are not of legal drinking age, it is your full responsibility. 

If you are buying one of our alcoholic products intended to be given to someone else, regardless the purpose, both you and the recipient confirm to be of legal drinking age.

Through the check out process you will have to confirm your date of birth. This will determine whether or not you are allowed to order products at our store. This date of birth will be printed on the invoice. The transporter, be it a courier or any other sort of company, will ask for your date of birth when delivering the parcel. If the answer does not match the printed date, he / she will not deliver the parcel. If needed the transporter has the right to request for identification. If this request is not fulfilled, the transporting company has the right to cancel the actual shipping. We (Sub-Torp) as well have the right to ask for identification at any time, in order to protect minors. 

IMPORTANT : You can find our contact details all over our shop. In almost all cases these contact details are used for assortment or order related questions. If you have any questions regarding the use or abuse of alcohol, you can of course also contact us.

Each KEGS-SHOP customer undertakes on the honor that all goods purchased on KEGS-SHOP are intended for the personal consumption of the purchaser and cannot be resold.