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Stella Artois 5° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Belgium's most famous Export, Stella Artois is an internationally-renowned Pilsner with a sparkling golden body and classic rich malts. Coupled with elegant continental hops and a frank bitterness, Stella's fine balance of floral, hebal hops give a well-defined flavour profile to lift the rich cereal malts, guaranteeing refreshment anytime. And now you can enjoy the perfect glass every time with PerfectDraft.
Tennent's Lager 4.0° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
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Refreshing and light, find the best-selling pint in Scotland in a 6 liter cask!
Tennent's Lager is a concentrate of 100% Scottish barley, with the best hops and ultra fresh water from Lake Loch Katrine.

Bright and golden with a thick white head, this is a lager-style beer, therefore a light, low-fermentation beer, which emphasizes mainly malty aromas and flavors.
Its watery texture and its fine bubbles per thousand will delicately titillate the palate, for a tasting that will be very cool, ideal at 3 ° C, the temperature that your Perfectdraft beer dispenser will offer you.
Thornbridge Jaipur 5,9° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.
Thornbridge Shelby IPA 5,0° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Requires the PerfectDraft Machine.
The official beer of the Netflix hit series: Peaky Blinders, now in PerfectDraft!
Shelby was inspired by the style of beer consumed in 1919, when Peaky Blinders was founded. So the beer is a really a blast from the past!
By order of the Peaky F*cking Blinders, we had to put this beer in the PerfectDraft. Because, hey, who says NO to the Peaky Blinders, right?
So change your house into "The Garrison" with this cracking IPA from Thornbridge. A golden amber IPA with an aroma of fruit and forest fruit. The taste is accessible, slightly malty and not too hoppy. Let's face it, the Peaky Blinders series need to be watched in Blinders style right ;)?
Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana 5,5° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
This grown up fruit salad is as colourful as the most hideous Hawaiian shirt you’ve ever seen. It’s super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering. Imagine sitting by the pool in the blazing sun with a cocktail in one hand, but instead of a dainty little glass it’s served by the pint!
Tiny Rebel Key Lime Lager 4.8° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Taste the Tiny Rebel Key Lime, a refreshing and tangy lager!
Newcomer in a 6 liter keg for the Perfectdraft beer dispenser, Welsh Brewery Tiny Rebel's Key Lime Lager is a light and refreshing lager that you can also find in a can.
Poured into a glass, it reveals a golden yellow color with a thick white head, for aromas of lime and malt. In the mouth, we find fruity flavors, tangy but especially lemony, in a well balanced and above all very fresh.
TRIPEL KARMELIET 8° - PerfectDraft 6L Keg
Tripel Karmeliet is a very refined and complex golden-to-bronze brew with a fantastic creamy head. These characteristics derive not only from the grains used but also from restrained hopping with Styrians and the fruity nature (banana and vanilla) of the house yeast. Aroma has hints of vanilla mixed with citrus aromas. Tripel Karmeliet has not only the lightness and freshness of wheat, but also the creaminess of oats together with a spicy lemony almost quinine dryness.